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Season 1 2001-2002


Nov. 2001
Journeys  & His Art

2 Plays: Ophelia, by Karen Sanford & Goodbye Oscar, by Romulus Linney
Directed by
Mary McDonald-Lewis


Feb. 2002
Survival Games

3 Plays: It Ain't the Heat, it's the Humility, Botticelli & The Problem, By: Tom Huey, Terrence McNally & A.R. Gurney Jr. respectively.

Directed by

Mary McDonald-Lewis

The Plays the Thing - 1.png

Dec. 2001
The Play's the Thing

3 Plays: Nothing if Not Critical, Scribe's ParadoxImpromptu - By: Steffan Silvus, Michael Feingold & Tad Mosel, respectively.
Directed by
Mary McDonald-Lewis


Mar. 2002
The Rising of the Moon & The Gaol Gate

2 Plays By Lady Gregory
Guest Director
Doreen O'Skea


Jan. 2002
Goin' South

2 plays: F.M. by Romulus Linney & American Tropical by Richard Ford

Directed by

Bob Martin


Apr. 2002
Loneliness, Laundry and Love

3 Plays: Acorn, Third & Oak & The Laundromat, By David Graziano & Marsha Norman respectively.
Directed by
Matthew Martin

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May 2002
Art Imitates Life Imitates Art

Play - The Bay at Nice,
By David Hare
Directed by

Bob Martin

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