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Season 3 2003-2004


Sept. 2003

2 Plays: What She Found There, by John Glore and Hit & Run, by Joseph Hart
Directed by
Mary McDonald-Lewis


Jan. 2004
Dreams and Nightmares

1 Play: American Dreams, by Studs Terkel, adaptation by Peter Frisch
Directed by
Bob Martin


Oct. 2003
Jack the Ripper Stalks the Streets of the Pearl District

1 Play:  Whitechapel, by Steve Patterson
Directed by
Mary McDonald-Lewis

Nov. 2003
Irish Tales of Life, Love and Loss - Part I

1 Play: Losers, by Brian Freil

Directed by

Bob Martin


Feb. 2004
The Game of Love

2 Plays: The Art of Dating, by Jeffrey Scott Elwell, and At Lands End, by Marcus L. Steinour
Co-Directed by
Matt Martin and Jamie Miller


Mar. 2004
Irish Tales of Life, Love and Loss - Part II

2 Plays: Lovers: Winners and Lovers: Losers, by Brian Friel
Directed by
Bob Martin


Dec. 2003
Gifts in Strange Wrappings

2 Plays: Why the Lord Came to Sand Mountain, by Romulus Linney and The Appointment, by Luigi Gannuzzi

Directed by

Mary McDonald-Lewis


Apr. 2004
The State of the Union

4 Plays: Becoming a Bag Lady, by Ginny Foster, My Hat, by Ellen West, Behind Enemy Lines, by Ebbe Roe Smith and Uncle Dickie's Funhouse, by Francesca Sanders 
Directed by: Jamie Miller & Mary McDonald-Lewis

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May 2004
Spring Fever Concludes

2Plays: Twinkle, Twinkle, by Ernest Thompson, Thymus Vulgaris, by Lanford Wilson 
Directed by
Bob Martin

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