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Season 2 2002-2003

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Aug. 2002
Street Stories: Homeless Hearts and Minds

Written & Directed by

Mary McDonald-Lewis

Blood Shades.png

Jan. 2003
Blood Shades of Gray

3 Plays: The Spelling Bee, by Phillip Vassallo & I Am a Black Girl, by Ptld playwright Francesco Sanders & The Killing Hand, by David Zellnik
Directed by
Mary McDonald-Lewis


Sep. 2002
Shakespeare Schmakespeare

2 Plays: The Fifteen Minute Hamlet, by Tom Stoppard, Terminating, by Tony Kushner
Directed by
Mary McDonald-Lewis


Feb. 2003
Sweet Tarts for the Heart: Modern Day Love Stories

2 Plays: The M Word & Power Lunch, by Alan Ball
Directed by
Doreen O'Skea


Oct. 2002
Something Spooky This Way Comes

2 Plays: Ghost House, adapted by Walter Newman & The Hitchhiker, by Louise Fletcher

Directed by

Doreen O'Skea


Mar. 2003
Life, Death, Art: An Irish Reel

2 Plays: Molly and James, by Sheila Walsh & Faint Voices, by John MacKenna 
Directed by
Mary McDonald-Lewis


Nov. 2002
Veteran's Night

2 Plays: The Deserter, by Norman Beim & Pvt. Wars, by James McLure

Directed by

Bob Martin

Apr. 2003
A Knock at the Door

2 Plays: A Good Time, & The Constituent, by Ernest Thompson
Guest Director
John Duncan


Dec. 2002
Family Ties...that Bind

2 Plays: Vivien, by Percy Granger & Haiku, by Katherine Snodgrass
Directed by
Matthew Martin


May 2003
Ruminations on Death, Disaster and Size

2 Plays: Death Knocks, by Woody Allen & Best Half Foot Forward, by Peter Tolan
Directed by
Doreen O'Skea

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