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Season 18 2018-2019

Sorry Wrong Number.png

Sept. 2018
Sorry, Wrong Number

By Lucille Fletcher
Guest Director

Patrick Tangredi


Oct. 2018
The Importance of Being Oscar

By Brandie June
Directed by
Bob Martin

Let It Fang jpg.jpg

Jan. 2019
Let It Fang

By David Berkson

Directed by

David Berkson

Heart 30percent.png

Feb. 2019
Young at Heart

A Betrothal, by Lanford Wilson, I'm Herbert, by Robert Anderson, and Learning Experience at Elderhostel, by John Donnelly
Directed by
Bob Martin

Holiday Flag-1.jpg

Nov. 2018
The Final 
Interrogation of Ceausescu's Dog & Other Commodies 

One-act plays by Elaine May, David Auburn, John Bolen, Warren Leight, and Stuart Spencer
Directed by Wendy Wilcox

Dec. 2018
The War On Christmas
David Sedaris, Sheila Heti & Fox News

3 Plays: Front Row and Center with Thaddeus Bristol, by David Sedaris, My Life is a Joke, by Sheila Heti, & The War on Christmas, written and performed by David Berkson & Christy Drogosch

Image Big Tueday.jpg
eleemosynary 2.png

Mar. 2019
Big Tuesday

By Thomas McLaughlin
Directed by
Mary McDonald-Lewis

May 2019


By Lee Blessing

Directed by
Bob Martin

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