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Season 15 2015-2016

Into Skid.png

In the Garden: Art Courtesy of Jan Baross


Sept. 2015
Honoring Harry Widman: Recalling the Man, His Heart & His Art

2 Plays: Steering Into the Skid, and
In the Garden, By Arnald Johnson & Deborah Ann Percy; Matthew Widman
Directed by

Mary McDonald-Lewis

Oct. 2015
A Piece of Shepherd's Wry

3 Plays: Icarus's Mother, 4H Club, Red Cross, by Sam Shepherd
Directed by
Wendy Wilcox

Dear Members-edit.png

Jan. 2016
Dear Committee Members

By Julie Schumacher
Stage Adaptation by David Berkson
Directed by
Wendy Wilcox

Feb. 2016
Love's Fire

2 Plays: Bitter Sauce, and TerminatingBy Eric Bogosian and Tony Kushner respectively
Directed by
Christie Drogosch

Nov. 2015
Street Stories: Homeless Hearts and Minds

By Mary McDonald Lewis

Directed by

Bob Martin


Apr. 2016
Election Year Extravaganza

2 Plays: Out to Sea, By Slawomir Mrozek, and First Inaugural, by David Berkson
Directed by
David Berkson


Dec. 2015

By Eugene O'Neill

Guest Director

Douglass Mitchell


May 2016
Hearts and Minds and Romulus Linney

The Love Suicide at the Schofield Barracks, By Romulus Linney 
Directed by
Bob Martin

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