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Season 13 2013-2014


Sept. 2013
Welcome Holmes

3 Radio Plays: The Musgrave RitualThe Case of the Dead Adventuress, and The Problem of Thor Bridgeand, by Conan Doyle
Dire ted by
Mary McDonald-Lewis


Jan. 2014
Family, Forgetfulness & Forgivness

2 Plays: Vivien, by Percy Granger, and Home, by Laura Cahill
Directed by
Bob Martin

Sea Marks 2.png

Oct. 2013
Love & Letters

Sea Marks, by Gardiner McKay
Directed by
Mary McDonald-Lewis


Feb. 2014
Love in All the Wrong Places

Texas Homos, by Jan Buttram
Directed by
Jason England

Nov. 2013
Daughters and Other Mentors

2 Plays: Rosie, by David Berkson and Help, by Neena Beber

Directed by

Wendy Wilcox


Mar. 2014

The Belle of Waterford:

Holiday House, In Search of Valour, and Strange Birth, all by Teresa Deevy
Directed by
Mary McDonald-Lewis

Christmas Carol.png

Dec. 2013
The Ghosts of Good Will

A Christmas Carol, Adapted by Patrick Page & Jason England

Directed by

Jason England


Apr. 2014
A Mini-Fest of

David Zellnik Plays

2 Plays: For Elise, and Mohammed and the Sleeping Cat 
Directed by
Wendy Wilcox

Click an image to get full details on each production.


May 2014
Tangled Webs

3 Plays: The Broken Leash, by Dalene Young, The Grand Design, by Susan Miller, and Penguin Blues, by Ethan Phillips 
Directed by
Bob Martin

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